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Forex Is Very Lucrative, But Its Not Gambling...

Forex trading is a very lucrative trade or business. You can build a business carreer, earn a living and make a decent and huge amount of money with it, only if you understand it and know what you are doing.

What many people are ignorantly doing today in the name of forex trading is simply gambling. They are playing the game of chance or luck, hoping that they will succeed and be successful. But in the process they have lost and are still losing lots of money.

Forex trading is not gambling, it is not a game of chance or luck. It is a science, a technical trade that is done based on certain understanding and application of certain principles. And for anyone to be successful in it, he/she MUST SETTLE DOWN, take some time to LEARN and UNDERSTAND it.

The Right and Most Effective Way to Learn Fast and Easily...

Learning anything (including forex trading) without any aid, guide or assistance; or by trial and error, is very costly and not advisable. You are bound to get hurt, sustain several bruises, make many mistakes or errors, waste huge amount of time, energy and money, suffer many unnecessary and avoidable stress and headache, and take much more longer time to get to your destination, if you ever get there and didn’t fallout by the way.

The best and most efficient way to learn anything is by learning from successful people or experts who have done or are still doing that thing. It is by learning from their knowledge, experiences, success and failures. This is what your privilage and access to the premium video trainings and courses in FOREX ELITES will help you to do and achieve.

FOREX ELITES Gives You This Opportunity at A Very Tiny Cost...

In FOREX ELITES, you will be provided with several premium videos from courses, trainings, webinars, boot camps, live-trading rooms or live-trading sessions of successful forex traders, tutors and experts from around the globe, at almost zero cost to you - at a very tiny small cost when compared to their actual cost, if you were to buy them personally.

We will keep bringing these videos to you once we find them, and are able to get them. It will only cost you a very tiny small amount of money (between $3 to $12 per video course or training - we rarely demand even $12). You don’t pay or have any obligation to pay anything before we get them. And it is not a must that you must buy them once we get them, its your choice to buy or not to buy. We simply present them to the members of FOREX ELITES once we get them. And if you are interested, you make the little payment and get access to it.

Stop The Fruitless Chase and Endless Circle!

So you need to STOP wasting your time, efforts and hard earned money running from pillar to post, looking for free or paid forex signals, forex account managers and so on. These rarely help anyone. They will hardly help you, and you will end up keep losing your money. That is the raw and bitter truth. You just have to SETTLE DOWN and LEARN IT. That is the ONLY WAY you can EXCEL and be SUCCESSFUL in forex trading.

And because you will be learning and copying from those who ALREADY LEARNT and KNEW it, and have MASTERED, are SUCCESSFUL and EXPERIENCED in it, you will DISCOVER and even be AMAZED at how EASY, SIMPLE, and UNCOMPLICATED forex trading is. You will be able to see and tap into the huge pottential and possibility of making a decent, steady and huge income without stress or sweat, by just simply trading forex few hours every day.

Let me ask you some few questions. For how long have you been chasing the wind by wanting to excel and make money with forex WITHOUT the right, proper and adequate knowledge? For how long have you been ignorantly handing over your hard earned money to fruadsters and scammers in the name of free and paid forex signals, forex account management services and all sort of things they have promised and offered you? How much time have you already wasted? And how much money have you lost all this while in the process? Are you not yet tired of all these merry-go-round and wind-chasing ventures? Is it not yet OBVIOUS and CLEAR to you that you are simply GOING NO WHERE with all these? Have you not yet REALIZE that you are DOING THE WRONG THING, and you NEED to STOP, THINK and LOOK FOR the RIGHT way or solution to this?

Will You Also Ignore and Pass Over this Opportunity?

Definitely and without doubt, I am sure that you know there is HUGE MONEY MAKING POTENTIAL in FOREX TRADING. But the truth is that you CAN'T come close to or get hold of that money without the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE.

Today, you are very fortunate to have come across this OPPORTUNITY to easily acquire the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE at almost zero cost, and less or no stress to you. But the sad truth is that like MANY PEOPLE out there (chasing the wind in a merry-go-round manner), YOU MAY NOT RECONGNIZE IT. You may still leave this page without grabbing this opportunity, and continue running to scammers and fraudsters who will continue to feast on your ignorance, and keep reaping you off your hard earned money.

Like many people, you may ignore and pass over this OPPORTUNITY because you may think it is a HARD/LONG PROCESS and will COST you much to download the videos trainings and courses, and may require MUCH TIME to watch them. So like many out there, you may prefer the 'HARD/LONG PROCESS' involve in your current work/job and the 'HIGH COST' of efforts, energy and time it is taking for you to make the little money you currently earn from it. You may prefer the HARD/LONG PROCESS of chasing the wind, running from pilliar to post, and the HIGH COST of wasting your time and losing your money to scammers and fraudsters. Do you actually prefer all these to the few months (and even few weeks, if you are serious and deligent enough) and little money it will cost you to get, download, watch and learn from these premium video trainings and courses; and be grounded in the forex market and forex trading?

Those forex agents and marketers that are offering you those things (such as free or paid forex signals, forex account managements and so on) don’t really have your interest at heart. They are not after or seeking for your good but for your money, for their own interest and profit. The BEST you can do for a man is not to GIVE HIM FISH, but to TEACH HIM HOW TO FISH for himself and by himself. Giving you free or paid signals, account management services and so forth won’t do you any or much good; you will lose your money and keep losing your money in the process. The BEST is for you to personally learn and know how to get the signals (i.e how and when to enter and exit a trade) and personally trade and manage your account by yourself. This and many others is what the privilege and access you will get to the premium video trainings and courses in FOREX ELITES will help you to do and achieve.

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Membership Sign-Up Bonus

With the one-time membership fee payment, you will get the following two courses for free, as a membership sign-up bonus:

BONUS #1:   A Beginner’s Guide to Replacing Your Job with Forex - By Jason Anthony

Proven techniques for high profitability currency exchange trading – With Live trading Demonstration

Watch Sample Videos

1.1 - Introduction and Objectives

1.2 - Is It Like The Stock Market?

What you’ll learn
•    The most accurate and proven technical analysis concepts
•    How to trade in a passive way
•    Know 100 year old institutional knowledge retail traders are unaware of
•    Learn how to place and close profitable trades
•    Manage risk so you always come out on top
•    Create a full time income trading one pair, once or twice per week
•    Create a gameplan to quit your job in less than 6 months

•    Have a desire to be free from a day job
•    An open mind and willingness to learn
•    Know how to navigate a smart phone, laptop, or tablet
•    Familiarity with how investing works..

Do you have a strong desire to be financially independent? Would you enjoy a lifestyle filled with travel and freedom? Can you imagine not having to think about making ends meet?

The majority of today’s workforce would love the opportunity to say goodbye to their 9-5 job and travel the world. Nowadays we are looking to connect with people on a larger scale but are unable to do so because we have the obligation of going to the same place everyday to pay our bills. The idea of making a full time income from your laptop or cell phone seems like a fantasy to most, yet, there are secret millennial millionaires that have taken advantage of this high leverage market that has been around for decades.

Unfortunately, Currency Exchange has been painted out to be extremely complex since it’s introduction to the retail world. With the ability for anyone to create a new indicator and the lack of general institutional knowledge, Over 90% of traders are misinformed on how simple currency analysis can be. Simplicity is key to creating a steady and stress free income from your cell phone.

In this course you will learn the basics of the currency exchange market and how to use it’s inherent leverage to create a full time income with a small portion of your current income. By using technical analysis concepts that have been proven for over 100 years, you will be able to create a relatively passive and free lifestyle.

Who this course is for:
•    Anyone who wants to make substantial income online
•    Someone who hates having to work a 9-5
•    Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners
•    People looking to finance a travel lifestyle
•    Someone with good analytical skills
•    Employees who have capped income

Featured review
Joshua D Jones: Joshua D Jones (58 courses, 19 reviews)
Solid advice without “fue-fue”!! Have been looking for a good, solid instructor for the forex for quite some time and have found a few. But this is solid advice without a lot of hype on getting you to buy something else and with that being said: I have so enjoyed this instructor and I went ahead and purchased 2 courses by this Jason on Udemy. Thank for sharing amazing content!!

About the Creator
Jason Anthony: Investor and entrepreneur
Jason Anthony is an entrepreneur and educator who is passionate about teaching, spending time with family, and living a healthy life full of adventure. With proficiency in tech, finance, as well fin-tech, he has realized and taken advantage of the many opportunities in both markets. Jason truly believes that everyone has an abundance of opportunities to create a life full of joy, wealth, and freedom.

BONUS #2:   Professional Forex Simplified - By Abdulrazaq Akeem Tayo

Investment, Forex, Forex trading, Forex analysis, Forex market, Understanding Economy, Market Place, Risk Management

What you’ll learn
•    Forex Fundamental and Technical Analysis
•    Support & Resistance, Trend line & Channel, Candle Reversal patterns, Chart Reversal Patterns
•    Divergence spotting, Fibonacci editing, Harmonic Pattern, Elliot Wave, Risk and Money Management

•    Laptop/Desktop computer, good internet connection and smart phone

You get to learn the following:
1.    Introduction to Forex
2.    Knowing your Tool bars and Currency pairs
3.    Support and Resistance
4.    How to pick a trade
5.    Trend Line and Channel
6.    Candle reversal patterns
7.    Divergence
8.    Money and risk management
9.    Fundamental analysis
10.    Fibonacci Editing
12.    Eliot Wave
13.    Successful Trading Strategy

Who this course is for:
•    Beginner Forex trader, Intermediate and Professional forex trader

Plus, You Will Also Have Opportunity to Get the Following Premium Forex Courses, and More... at a Very Tiny Cost

#1.    Alexander Elder – Lessons From A Traders Camp

Winning Psychology & Tactics – Lessons From A Trader’s Camp By Dr. Alexander Elder
Technical Analysis Day trading

#2.    Alexander Trading – Comprehensive Market Profile Seminar

#3.    Cameron Fous – Epic Sequal! FOUS4x2! New Day Trading Strategies

Learn the FOUS4 Trading Strategy, become a FOUSAlerts Student and begin your Journey to Financial Freedom as a Trader!

#4.    Financial Engineering & Risk Management Part I & 2 

#5.    Forex : Traders Secret Library Part 1

Traders Secret Library lets you in on the secrets the world’s best forex traders knows! 

#6.    Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly

Recognize False Breakout, True Rebounds and Continuations of the Trend, Supports/Resistances and Japanese Patterns

#7.    Forex Trading Like Banks – Step by Step by Live Examples

Forex and Stocks Trading – For Beginners and Experienced – Insider Blueprints with Easy to Follow Analysis and Setups

#8.    Fractal Flow - Newtonian Trading Strategy Video Course - Pro Trading Strategies

Become Aware of THE MOST PRECISE Entry and Exit Techniques You'll Ever Find!

#9.    Frank Paul – Forex Profits With Macd Course

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Reliable MACD Indicator for Forex Trading…

#10.    FX At One Glance – Understanding How To Trade Fractals

#11.    Gavin Holmes – VSA Forex Trading Mentorship Course

Sign Up With Trader & Author Gavin Holmes as he directly guides you through a collection of the highest possible likelihood trade configurations, making use of the VSA as well as Wyckoff principles

#12.    Jason Stapleton – Traders Workshop – Forex Full Course

Jason recently turned $250,000 into $940,000 in 90 days during the Varengold Trading Challenge

#13.    LPC System – Liquidity Providers Concepts

#14.    Oreilly – Hands-On Algorithmic Trading with Python

Design and automate your trading strategies 

#15.    Technical Prosperity – Red Package

#16.    Udemy – Candlestick Trading Ninja – 10 Hour Candlestick Certification

Expert Technical Analysis & Candlestick Trading Hacks For Forex, Stock Trading, Day Trading & Swing Trading in 1 course

#17.    Trading the Pristine Method – Greg Capra T3 Live

#18.    LGT Trading – Wyckoff Starter

#19.    Footprint Deep Dive Course - Marketdelta

If you have ever wanted to learn about Footprint charts, what they are, how they are created, and most importantly, how to APPLY them, then the Footprint Deep Dive video course is for you

#20.    Forex Trading Bootcamp For Traders & Investors (2020)

Profitable Forex Trading System – Technical Analysis, Chart Pattern Trading & Candlestick Trading Hacks For Day Trading

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