Forex Video Training and Course List

Below are list of forex video training and courses we have. They are premium videos from courses, trainings, webinars, boot camps, live-trading rooms or live-trading sessions of successful forex traders, tutors and experts from around the globe.

For more details about the video traininings and courses click here to download a detail description.

Sign-Up Bonus Videos

With your membership sign-up, you have the following two courses for free. If you have not or did not get them, then click here to access them.

BONUS #1:   A Beginner’s Guide to Replacing Your Job with Forex - By Jason Anthony

Proven techniques for high profitability currency exchange trading – With Live trading Demonstration

BONUS #2:   Professional Forex Simplified - By Abdulrazaq Akeem Tayo

Investment, Forex, Forex trading, Forex analysis, Forex market, Understanding Economy, Market Place, Risk Management

You Can Get the Following Premium Forex Video Training and Courses at a Very Tiny Cost...

#1.    Alexander Elder – Lessons From A Traders Camp

Winning Psychology & Tactics – Lessons From A Trader’s Camp By Dr. Alexander Elder
Technical Analysis Day trading

#2.    Alexander Trading – Comprehensive Market Profile Seminar

#3.    Cameron Fous – Epic Sequal! FOUS4x2! New Day Trading Strategies

Learn the FOUS4 Trading Strategy, become a FOUSAlerts Student and begin your Journey to Financial Freedom as a Trader!

#4.    Financial Engineering & Risk Management Part I & 2 

#5.    Forex : Traders Secret Library Part 1

Traders Secret Library lets you in on the secrets the world’s best forex traders knows! 

#6.    Forex Course – How to Draw a Trendline Correctly

Recognize False Breakout, True Rebounds and Continuations of the Trend, Supports/Resistances and Japanese Patterns

#7.    Forex Trading Like Banks – Step by Step by Live Examples

Forex and Stocks Trading – For Beginners and Experienced – Insider Blueprints with Easy to Follow Analysis and Setups

#8.    Fractal Flow - Newtonian Trading Strategy Video Course - Pro Trading Strategies

Become Aware of THE MOST PRECISE Entry and Exit Techniques You'll Ever Find!

#9.    Frank Paul – Forex Profits With Macd Course

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Applying the Reliable MACD Indicator for Forex Trading…

#10.    FX At One Glance – Understanding How To Trade Fractals

#11.    Gavin Holmes – VSA Forex Trading Mentorship Course

Sign Up With Trader & Author Gavin Holmes as he directly guides you through a collection of the highest possible likelihood trade configurations, making use of the VSA as well as Wyckoff principles

#12.    Jason Stapleton – Traders Workshop – Forex Full Course

Jason recently turned $250,000 into $940,000 in 90 days during the Varengold Trading Challenge

#13.    LPC System – Liquidity Providers Concepts

#14.    Oreilly – Hands-On Algorithmic Trading with Python

Design and automate your trading strategies 

#15.    Technical Prosperity – Red Package

#16.    Udemy – Candlestick Trading Ninja – 10 Hour Candlestick Certification

Expert Technical Analysis & Candlestick Trading Hacks For Forex, Stock Trading, Day Trading & Swing Trading in 1 course

#17.    Trading the Pristine Method – Greg Capra T3 Live

#18.    LGT Trading – Wyckoff Starter

#19.    Footprint Deep Dive Course - Marketdelta

If you have ever wanted to learn about Footprint charts, what they are, how they are created, and most importantly, how to APPLY them, then the Footprint Deep Dive video course is for you

#20.    Forex Trading Bootcamp For Traders & Investors (2020)

Profitable Forex Trading System – Technical Analysis, Chart Pattern Trading & Candlestick Trading Hacks For Day Trading

How to Get the Video Training and Courses

Pay a Tiny Amount of...

*₦1,500 ₦1,000 each
(You Save ₦500 each)

*We shall soon return back to our normal price of ₦1,500 per courses. This is just an MBER MONTHS (ie BEGINNING OF LAST QUATER OF THE YEAR) SPECIAL OFFER which will be ending any moment from now...

Here's How To Make Payment

Make a payment for the number of video training courses that you want to the account below.

For example, for 3 courses pay ₦3,000, for 5 courses pay ₦5,000, for 6 courses pay ₦6,000 etc.

If you are going for all the courses, you will get a discount of 20% (ie, you will pay ₦16,000 instead of ₦20,000)


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Bank Name: UBA (Savings)

Account Name: Ayiba Daniel

Account Number: 2066200901


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