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Our Partner/Affiliate Program

InfoRar Partner/Affiliate Monetization Program (also known as InfoRar Partner Program, InfoRar Affiliate Program or InfoRar Monetization Program) provides you an opportunity to monetize the traffic from your website(s), YouTube channel(s), social media platform(s) or elsewhere, and earn a sizable percentage of the money made from it. We provide you with personalised links to products (mostly digital products) which you can insert in and promote on your YouTube channels, website, social media platforms or anywhere else. You earn a commission for each sale of product that is made through your link(s).

Joining our affiliate/partner program is FREE, it will cost you nothing. You can join this very moment, get your affiliate link and begin earning some commissions.


Our Affiliate/Partner Commission

We share 65% (minus 2.25% transaction fee, making it 52.75%) of the revenue gotten from the monetization of traffic (sales of each of our products) from any of partners’ site(s) with such partner.

About the Transaction Fee (or Sales Processing Fee): When a product is bought and payment is made, we do not recieve the full payment for the product. The payment processing company (PayPal or the Card issueing company such as MasterCard) deducts some charges from the payment as their service or transaction fee. We have estimated these charges to range from 3.5% to 5.5% of the total payment made, depending on the country from where the payment was made. Using the 3.5% to 5.5% range, we calculated the average (that is, [3.5 + 5.5] / 2 = 9 / 2 = 4.5) to get the avarge transaction fee per sale. The average transaction fee is then shared betwen us (i.e InfoRar and the affiliate that made the sale) by dividing it by 2 (ie 4.5 / 2 = 2.25) to get 2.25%.


Payments and Payment Type

We only pay our partners and affiliates through PayPal on a monthly lump-sum basis. Our payment schedule, which is subject to review or change, is that we pay the total commissions earned for any given month between 14th and 16th of the next month. For example, earnings from March 1st to March 31st will be paid between April 14th and 16th. Our account and the total commission for any month are calculated on the 14th of the next month, and the commissions for that month are paid from the 14th to 16th of the next month.

We are adopting this system of payment in order to allow some time for customers that bought products through Card Payment to be fully cleared by their Bank, and the funds fully remitted and reflected in our account. Secondly, it’s in order to allow time for any refund/chargeback that may occur for product(s) bought in a given month to be captured and deducted from that month’s financial record/calculation before commissions payment for that month is made.

Although not all the refunds/chargebacks for a month will be captured in and deducted from that month’s balance. This is because some refunds/chargebacks for product(s) bought in a month may be initiated close to, or after our account closure and commission calculation date of 14th. And these refunds/chargebacks will be reflected in our account after the 14th of the next month, when our account have been closed, commissions already calculated and payments already made. When this occurs, such refunds/chargebacks are reflected and deducted from the next payment.

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Start Promoting InfoRar Products Today!...

1. Great Low Cost Products - High Volume Of Sales! InfoRar products are digital products in pdf, kindle, mobi, epub, swipe-book, audio (mp3, wav, ogg) and video formats, that'll be highly desirable for anyone don't have a large budget to work with. Our products are of high quality with a great set of bonuses, and they delivers! These will not only ensures there are sales, but will also boost or increase sales and comversions, and ensures very low refund rates. This means more stable commission for you!

Our digital products will cover various niches. But since we are in the start-up stage, we have started with the pet niche with our first product focusing on dogs. We shall be adding more dogs’ and also cats’ products to the pet niche, and shall be extending to other niches.

2. Our Products and Sales Pages Are Of High Quality! Our products, their sales pages and graphics are superb and of high quality. Think of what it cost to produce such high quality products and sales pages! Apart from that, they have funnels with up-sell(s) and down-sell(s), which will ensure that you maximise and earn more from the traffic you send to us. You can have a look at one of them from the links below:

Sales Page:

Frontend - Click here

Upgrade(Up-Sell)  - Click here

Frontend Product (Free Sample):

Main Product (Pdf) - Click here

Bonus 1 (Kindle Format) - Click here

Bonus 2 (EPub Format) - Click here

Bonus 3 (Mobi Format) - Click here

Bonus 4 (Flip Book Format) - Click here (coming soon)

Upgrade(Up-Sell) Product (Free Sample):

Main Product (Audio MP3) - Click here

Bonus 1 (WAV Audio Format) - Click here

Bonus 2 (OGG Audio Format) - Click here

3. Long Cookie Period! Our cookie period is 6 months. This means that when a buyer clicks on your affiliate’s link for our product on your website or anywhere you shared the link, a tracking cookie is placed in the buyer’s browser and the buyer will be redirected to the product’s page on our site. This tracking cookie, which expires after 6 months, will stay on the buyer’s browser or computer for 6 months, except the buyer clears his/her browser cookies.

If that buyer makes a purchase from our site within six months of clicking that link, your affiliate link will be recorded for the sale, you will be credited as the referring affiliate and the affiliate commission will go to you.

This means that the sale doesn’t have to happen on the first time that the buyer lands on the product page on our site. The tracking will still work even if the buyer leaves our site and returns later within 6 months to buy the product! 

4. Cross-Products Earning! Our cookie is not product-limited, it is not tied to one particular product. Once a buyer has been cookied as a result of clicking your affiliate link for any of our product, the tracking cookie tracks every other products that the buyer may buy on our site, through your affiliate link.
This means that if the buyer eventually did not buy the particular product that brought him/her to our site but bought another different product, or if the buyer left without buying but returned another day within 6 months and bought that product and an up-sell product that was offered to him/her, or the buyer bought the product but returned another time and bought other different products entirely; your affiliate link will be recorded for all those sales, you will be credited as the referring affiliate and the affiliate commissions for all the sales will go to you.

Our tracking works for any product or item on our site. So you do not need to worry about referrals or commissions being missed if a buyer decides to purchase a different item when he/she gets to our site or at a later time. The affiliate who introduced or brought the buyer to us will still get the credit or commission!

5. You Earn 65% Commission For Every Sale You Refer! That's right, you earn more than us with our high payout. There are other affiliate programs out there only offering 50% commission or less, but we're offering more than that!

6. We Do All The Nitty-Gritty Admin Work! As an affiliate or a partner you won't have to trouble yourself with processing payments, product creation, product maintenance, refunds or customer support! Simply send the traffic to us, and we'll convert it for you! Simple.

7. We Give You Permission To Use Our Materials, Tools and Contents From Our Sales Pages! We have a variety of materials and tools that you can copy and paste onto your website, social media platforms or elsewhere and email lists! You can choose from any provided or available images, banners, auto-responder emails and more on our sites and sales pages to help you make as many sales as you want for yourself! You can even use content from our main sales page to help you come up with your own landing pages and reviews! You have full permission to use all the resources on our site and modify them as long as they are used to promote InfoRar products and/or our site.

8. We're Here To Stay! Other product vendors, and partners/affiliate systems may come and go, but we have the professional edge over them, and have products that are solid winners! Don't waste your time trying to promote something that doesn't look right! If you like the look of the (our) product, chances are that your website visitors, social media visitors/fans, email subscribers or the people you will promote the product to will like too!


Here is how to begin. Even if you found your way to this page by accident, no problem; simply follow the steps below and you are good to go. Are you ready to become our affiliate and start making sales? Then:

STEP 1: Sign Up For Our Affiliates/Partners Updates

If you haven't already done so sign up below to get access to important updates! You'll be the first to know whenever we release a new product so you can beat the competition and start cashing in early!

Sign Up Now!

STEP 2: Register for Our Affiliate/Partner Monetization Program

We use a third party ( to manage our affiliate program. To join, click the link below to register with our affiliate program at

Click here to Join our Affiliate Program!

STEP 3: Get your affiliate link(s) for the product(s) you want to promote and begin to promote

After registering, follow the steps below to get your affililate link for the product you want to promote.

1. Log into your e-junkie account

2. Click on the Affiliate Admin button in the top header

3. Click Affiliate Programs in the sidebar menu

4. On the Your Affiliate Programs section, click the Select Merchant dropdown list and select InfoRar

5. This will display some links, information and tools for the selected program, which include View Earnings Report, More Information and Contact Merchant

6. On the Product-specific Links & Info section, click the Select Product dropdown list and select the product you want to promote

7. This will display information and various forms of affiliate links for the selected product.

8. Under the Product Hop Link, copy the link under Text Link (the product affiliate link) and begin your promotion. You should use link shortener like or to shorten the link before promoting it.

9. For more information about this click here: Help for Affiliates


By offering InfoRar products to your customers, website visitors, social media sites visitors/fans, email subscribers, etc, you will not only be opening an exciting new revenue stream that will send money pouring into your PayPal account, but you will also be genuinely helping your them... and in the process turning many of them into loyal customers for life!

You cannot afford to miss this great, unique and fantastic opportunity. Join Now, get your affiliate link and start making money today


1. Help for Affiliates: This links explains the basic functions of using the E-junkie affiliate system as an affiliate. It shows how to register, setup your affiliate account and get your affiliate link.

2. E-junkie Affiliate Network: This links eplains the basics of E-junkie affiliate system.

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